Monday, May 18, 2009

sunday post

soooo hey! :)
i've totally neglected this blog, not much reason.. just haven't had too much inspiration i suppose. so infact, i'm not even sure why i'm posting now! for those of you who were slightly concerned about me after the car crash, things are pretty much back on track. pretty much.
i've been a little moody lately, and quite tired. it's getting to one of those stages where i sleep, dream, wake up, and not know what i'm doing.. like i can't tell the difference between either states anymore. although, obviously the more elongated part is where i'm existing.

today i watched three movies, did a little work on my cas, and cleaned my room.
oh and i made elisha and rachel's orders from soda rose.. although i couldn't quite get rachel's banana to look like a banana so (sorry rach) she won't be getting it.. ><
i was way too lazy to put the chain on so uhhh, they'll get their orders on wednesday ;)

on thursday night bree drove me to indro to see the jonas brothers 3D concert/movie with her.. not that great haha, but joe jonas was sporting a cop uniform for a snippet, and it was amazing. :D:D:D:D
other than that, the cinema had about 25 people there, most of which were a bunch of 17 year old girls screaming their faces off. congrats, the jonas brothers cannot hear you telling them to 'take it off' from your seat.. let alone in the cinema!! bree seemed to have fun, which was good :) then we went to hungry jacks (omnomnom, nat would know what i mean when i say that meatless whoppers are wonderful).

i missed out on watching hatching pete last night on disney channel, hopefully there'll be a replay soon.. jason dolley is amazing ;D
well, here's to another fairly busy week- minus tuesday, yay for the teachers strike!
jake's going to come over that day; just hoping mum gets better and doesnt have the day off from work, that could get a little awkward haha.

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