Sunday, May 10, 2009


so things have been busy in my little world.
things are ok.

boy time yesterday :)
jake is lovely (minus not walking me to nickis! haha)
we spent the afternoon in forest lake..
in the college haha
just talking
and maybe doing something else :3
it was really nice, although it got cold once the sun started to set
nawww sunset w/ jakeyy (L)

nicki + elisha + nicki's mum came and picked me up haha
and nicki's mum fed me :)
but then i left hers at 8pm
i wish i could have stayed longerrr!
nicki's cats are theeee best!!

i went home and fell asleep around 9pm, listening to my sleep playlist
high above the skyline - luke dalton (have you heard vol 5)
never think - robert pattinson (twilight soundtrack)
you belong to me - jason wade (shrek soundtrack)
new american classic - taking back sunday (where you want to be)
the black tree - stu larson (have you heard vol 4)

plans from now on are to go to the gym tuesdays, thursdays and sundays on the condition that i don't have any homework etc due the next day or something big due in the week.

oh, i went to the career expo at the convention centre on friday afternoon,
i think i want to go to the jmc academy for music & entertainment business management!
they have an open day on the 30th of may and mum already said that's fine :)
otherwise, i was thinking perhaps the photography course at griffith..
or becoming an airhostess with the aviation academy (or something like that)
~ mum seems to think that she has a good feeling about the jmc course :3

happy mothers day :)
we're not really doing that much, hopefully we'll go for a drive later though!
au revoir.

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