Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Definately going to do this soon!
Need to get some glitter and white nail polish though..

^ http://www.flickr.com/photos/monicanail/3663327757/

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

It's so hard to believe the news..
I really hope they do the best for his children.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'd just like to dedicate this post to paying my respects to the Jackson family.
I truly admired Michael Jackson and believe that he was an amazing man, full of talent. Best wishes to his family and his children. I hope that he will be remembered for his talent and caring side rather than the controversial things that happened in his later years. It was devastating to hear the news of this mans death and I hope that his legend lives on for many years to come.
Forever immortal, forever Michael Jackson.

Friday, June 26, 2009


no more school until july 14!
going to paddington with my nanna today, then i have work tonight.
bon vacances!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ok, so..

come to this show!!
i'm actually doing the security for it haha (:
plus, amber calling.. you must experience them!!


Sonny Loveless 'The Making Of Trenches'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I want to know the future but I don't want to go into it just yet. There's something holding me to the ground, the anchor. Everything and everyone is changing and I can't tell if I'm behind, amongst or ahead of whatever it is that is going on. What if you were someone else?

I want to be 18 already, I'm tired of this underage world that I seem to be getting comforted with.

my favourite

Formal hair?

So the formal is in like a month and 1 day.. I know I've blogged about hairstyles previously but I'm still trying to find the perfect one! Definately have to see Stace soon before the actual date so we can discuss what's going down for it.

^ not quite as long as mileys, but i adore the curls!

^ so how could i not include a picture of katy up here haha
i love her hair colour and this length is perfect
^ might experiment with an up-down style like demi

Tahnee Atkinson

This girl is on this season's Australia's Next Top Model. She's 17 and absolutely stunning.
Realllllllly hoping that she wins, yehh! (:

Monday, June 22, 2009

hey stranger

My internet has been dead for the past three or so days so I'm finally back online (other than on my hiptop)!! Hello, hello. Some days I come on here just to check updates and comments and today recieving a comment on my most recent post from anonymous has I suppose pursuaded me to just give you an update.

Anonymous said...
Time to update?

So anyways, my weekend was amazing.
Friday afternoon, after my 1hr 15min business management exam, I went to the city for a bit of shopping. First I went to David Jones in Queens Plaza to see if they had Sephora makeup, in particular the Kat Von D range.. unfortunately they didn't :(
- so if you happen to know where they sell it, tell me!!
Anyways, after that I met up with Elisha (who like half of the year12 cohort had a 5 day break from school because they did a 2year business course instead of 3year like Nat and I). We were in town to buy Nicki and James T's birthday present. Before purchasinggg we had chips from Nandos where we saw Tom and Jess and so we ate together for a bit before realising that I was going to have to leave real soon. We bought Nicki the movie 'Milk'. She has been raving about wanting to see it so figured it would be perfect. Then we bought James T. a bunch of various items (including a 7-day hair accessory set, silly string and candy erasers). In the Reject Shop, Elisha and I bumped into Sophie and Clare and then shortly after Maddie and Nicki.
After shopping I had to leave but saw James C. and Franky before leaving just to say hey seeing as it had been a while since I'd seen him. Yes, James C. as in my ex-boyfriend. Was nice to see them and I introduced them to Elisha, Maddie and Nicki. Got a bit awkward because it was quick and so I pretty much was like heyyyy, bye haha.

Saturday! I didn't too much during the day except for a bit of cleaning up in my room (my Nanna and Pa are visiting this week sometime from Mildura~ maybe Wednesday to Friday?). Anyways so I had to be at the Hive (location: Valley PCYC) by 5pm for set-up and such for doing the door.. which meant that I needed to catch the 4:12pm train to actually get there on time. Got there around 4:50pm and thought that NO ONE was going to be there because the lights were off. Entered the building anyway and found Tim upstairs. So weird because I recogised him and perhaps thought he was Tim from the Vampirates because they had a similar look but it was actually Tim from the Hive haha. Wooooops (sorry Tim!). He was so easy to get along with (: Oh and revisiting the 'weird' factor~ he thought he had met me before, but now that I think about it I'm sure we've bumped into each other at the other Hive venue. Anyway, Kass arrived a little later and things were going well. The bands (City Inspire, The Vampirates, City Escape and Hey:Carlisle) all arrived and were heaps nice. City Inspire played first and kind of had a Angels&Airwaves feel to their music. I took some photos of them and The Vampirates (the pictures are on the Hive camera so hopefully I can get those from Chloe!). Between City Inspire and The Vampirates I went and spoke to Tim from The Vampirates and we had a quick catch-up before he went to play his set.
Ok so basically with Tim, I've known him for yearsss. I first met him when 919 (now know as Amber Calling) came here.. which was when I was like 12 or something crazy young like that. He was their roadie and also played bass for a few of the songs that Harvey (bass player at the time) wasn't heaps confident about. He also came up here with his old band The Borderland.
Anyways, The Vampirates were amazing. I think I prefer them live to their CD, but nevertheless they were so good. Lots of fun! I was heaps buzzing after and was heaps keen to purchase one of their shirts (I only had like $20 on me so I didn't have enough for cd also). Ryan, the lead singer, was sitting on the couch behind the merch desk and so I congratulated him on the show then asked for a shirt. Whilst he was rummaging through the boxes of shirts to find one that would actually fit (other than the massively large small that they had) I mentioned that I met him at Syke back in January briefly. And he actually remembered it hahah (ahhh I miss January). So we had a big chat about how I came to be in Adelaide by myself and how I knew the Porcaro's and then Tim came and we all had a good chat. I managed to get a CD and Tshirt from the boys for $20 (ohh benefitss haha) and then had to let them get packed and leave because they had to be at Thriller within like 30 minutes. I bumped into their manager, whose name I thought was Ryan because I swear that Rob introduced me to him as Ryan!! Anyway, he also remembered me from hanging out around We Are Godzilla with all those people there (did I mention that I miss January?!). His name's Nic. Was good to say hey to them all!
Somewhere before this (I think?) I had a big chat with Tim (the one doing sound, yeh) about what he does and what I do, etc. He was really into the music production side of things and actually works for a company that helps bands and artists to get their music onto iTunes and with various companys. I have a bunch of his business cards so if you're interested let me know and I'll pass it on ;)
After they left I helped Kass to make all of the artist/crew tags (by make I mean laminate) for Fete De La Musique (getting to that). So I didn't quite watch City Escape, although I did hear them and was fair impressed. I got to speak to a couple of the members of the band and actually made one of them run like 5 minutes to get to a shop for the float change at the start of the night (they were providing it so it was called for). And then gave the pay to one of them before they left. The guy was heaps nice! We were just chatting about stuff and then he got pulled away by someone else in the band :(
So Hey:Carlisle were the last to take the stage (well, floor) and so after packing up what could be done I joined Tenille and Emma (who were 2/3 of the people standing) to watch the rest of their set. As usual, impressed. Had a chat with the girls for a bit, mostly about Adelaide and what I'm doing next year and about how they went to all of the All Time Low shows! Well actually, it mostly started with that because they were saying that they said hey to Dave when they were there. Davo (lead singer of H:C) came over and started to chat with them and so I went off to finish closing the venue up, trying to hint to people to leave haha.
Finally got around to leaving around 10:20 (I think that was the time?). Kass drove me to the railway station and then I caught a train and bus home (stupid track work) and got home around 11pm. I didn't end up sleeping until about 1am!!

Sunday. Woke up at 6am (yes, it actually exists on a Sunday, omg) and didn't get out of bed until 6:20am. I was ridiculously tired and finally got ready by 7am, wearing my blue denim skinnys, Vampirates tshirt, Anthem hoodie and black dunlops. Arrived at South Bank at 7:20am and met up with the Hive volunteer crew at the Piazza. We really didn't do too much until about 9am as it was mostly watching the stage people setting up the stage in a totally inappropriate space of the Piazza (some old people complained to me about it because they didn't want to sit on the steps to watch the bands.. ppssssshhhh). By the time the bands started playing there was quite a crowd gathered and there was definately a constant buzz throughout the afternoon. Highlight was most definately Cyrus. I spent quite a bit of my afternoon sitting with them (Andrew and Cameron) in the backstage area just chatting about anything. The boys left during Finabah and so I sat watching the rest of their set with two other Hive volunteers (ahhh sorry girls; Sarah and...? I'm the worst when it comes to names of people I don't really know). After the show finished I went and handed out a bunch of Starving Kids Records mix CD's. I gave one to a girl who seemed really familiar and realised it was a girl called Jess from myspace! We've been talking a while now and it was pretty cool to finally meet her. I also gave her like 40 flyers for the Short Stack show in July. Then Trav came up and started chatting with us and was dissing Short Stack.. but that happens hey! We were discussing how he was called a dyke at his work because apparently that's what he looked like from behind haha. Then the guitarist of Finabah joined in and the conversation went back to Short Stack. I get the point, guys who are like mid-20's aren't fans, especially if they've been involved with music for the past 5 years or whatever. Anyway, I left after about 10 minutes so I could make the train home! And I somehow did! I left South Bank on a bus at like 5:22 and got to Roma St. 10 minutes later and had to power walk to my platform haha.
When I got home I realised that my sisters best friend Tanya had moved in! It's so weird to have her here permanately, but at least she's a good friend and like a sister to me. I think my actual sister got a bit annoyed because mum, dad and I were all talking to Tanya and not her.. Eh.

Today. Another early morning, 6:30am. Haha, ok so I should really be used to that kind of morning but even after 2 and a half years of being at the academy I still am not used to having to get up at a stupid time just to make sure that travel fits into my "schedule". Anyway, so I got to school around 8:20am and sat alone in the refectory dining area and did some more study. Nat got to school at like 8:30am and joined me for my cram session. We then went upstairs to level 6 just so we could be near the exam room and chill before everyone else came.
The exam went really well! I finished the questions with about 20 minutes to spare. So considering my writing today was ridiculously messy I tried to re-write it but it was taking to long so I didn't even write a page of neatness. I'm not sure how I'll go but hopefully it'll be decent!
After the exam the principal talked to the SL business students (the HL's were still completing their exam) about a dinner offer and movies at the academy this Thursday night! Pretty sure it'll be nice to just chill after a busy term and such. So those plans are locked in. After that discussion, Nat and I went and spoke to him about formal dates. He said yes to her bringing her boyfriend Josh and to me bringing Lewis. So things are set.

So now my blog is relatively updated! For the weekend anyway (:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


for math extended responseee... ahhhhhhhhh!! i *really* dont understand gradients and asymptotes btw, so nat and elisha i'll be like screaming at you two tomorrow just so you know ;3 anyways, my headache still hasn't gone.. so um, that's like 5.5 hours now, am i supposed to be worried? mum's not.. she just wants me to have a 'good nights sleep' and to hopefully be better for tomorrow blahblahblahh. ohhh but on the bright side, hive meeting tomorrow. shall be good, haven't been to the past two.

vampirates this saturday at the hive $$10
fete de le musique this sunday everywhereee (go to the piazza and the rainforest green though, best music shall be thurrrr!) $$$0.00 :3

you chew my mind up!

k, i honestly have the worst headache.. it's like from my left to the right and all the way through.. i think it's hitting my brain :O anyways, second day of exam block is overr.. 3/10 over!! so to celebrate, i'm doing a survey. not really, but i always seem to have fun with these :3 it's an iTunes one, like shuffle your library and shizz. you know the drill! hit this up!!

How am I feeling today?
in vein

Will I get far in life?
not as soft

How do my friends see me?
all i had

Where will I get Married?
we said summer

What is my best friend's theme song?
the selfless art (of bending over backwards)

What is the story of my life?
learning to fall

What is/was highschool like?
face without a name

How can I get ahead in life?
slowly, through a vector

What is the best thing about me?
you've got the love

How is today going to be?
ready and willing

What is in store for this weekend?
won't be seeing you

What song describes my parents?
save me from me

To describe my grandparents?
the ghost of a good thing

How is my life going?
some sense of security

What song will they play at my funeral?
dare for distance

How does the world see me?
everybody is someone else's secret

Will I have a happy life?
our days are numbered

What do my friends really think of me?
lost like tears in the rain

Do people secretly lust after me?
you're cute when you scream

How can I make myself happy?
sleep with one eye open

What should I do with my life?
stand in the spotlight

Will I ever have children?
i could say

What is some good advice for me?
hoping for hollywood

How will I be remembered?

What is my signature dancing song?
punch your lights out

What do I think my current theme song is?
beatdown in the key of happy

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
daddy's little defect

What type of men/women do you like?
flightless bird, american mouth

Sunday, June 14, 2009


saturday 20th
come see the vampirates play at the hive!
and a bunch of other great bands ;)
doors at 6:30pm
tickets $10 (available at the door)
make sure you come for a great night!

ps: the hive is now on wickam st, upstairs of the valley pcyc

Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's over

so jake and i are no longer. no hard feelings..
it's so weird that my past two relationships have ended really similarly.

yesterday was possibly one of the worst days ever, i seriously was so upset.. a mix of being sick and stress and ughhh everything hah. luckily i have some amazing friends that met with me in the city after i finished getting my extension for art at school. we ate icecream from gelatissimo and they made things better.

also, i ordered a copy of the enola's secret ep "only we can save us" at jb:hifi - i suggest you do the same! or pick one up if they have it in store. the band is amazing and put on a sexy live show ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what really sucks

i'm sick (i vote chronic fatigue syndrome, but i doubt mum will take me to the doctors..).. and my world lit essays are due today BUT my internet is so ridiculously slow that it won't even load the webmail website so i can at least tell my teacher that it's taking like sooo long to even load the web let alone attaching two 1000+ word essays! stressss.. ughh.
but seriously, if i dont have CFS then i don't know wtf is wrong with me.

i started loading this video last night and it took like 4 hours for the whole clip to load. actually, i don't know how long it took but i opened it at like 8pm and went to bed at 10:30 and it still wasn't finished.. make sure you have a look though, it's quite good.. worth the wait hah.
sway sway baby - short stack

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


for being a shitty person today. seriously, my tweets on twitter have been so negative!!
(link for twitter: http://twitter.com/rainnoir)

no reason to be so moody haha, just tired and stressed..
163 days until it's all over though.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

check it!

Taken By Chance, from Adelaide.

This is their press kit. It's got a few laughs. Gives you an insight on where the guys are at and where they're headed!! Definately check them out :)

as always

with exams and stuff we all seem to get so stressed!! it really sucks and i know that i always get distracted (like now haha), but something good came from this.. i realised that on myspace i have a bunch of hidden folders and there are some gold shots in there from like, year 10/2007. they're not in any particular order by the way:

^ with andrew in toowoomba :3 (his mum took this pic haha)

^ on our way to toowoomba (andrew, alex, mat, dave, me)

^ back in year 10! (our whole grade minus rach, james and mitch?)

^ lani, sophie and i with some foreign guys

^ screamworld for ambers birthday
^ pretty sure elisha bought extensions for nats christmas present?? w/braces hah

anyways, loved the revisit to 2007, yeh!? i know i have like 100s of other photos from back then but these were just easy-access on myspace. i actual half miss these days.

Monday, June 8, 2009

talk to me, dance with me

sooo today instead of studying and doing various submissive items for school, i went shopping for four hours with mum. woooops haha.
we went to trade secret at oxley for the first time and i bought a condura handbag and a poncho! pretty happy with it, all up it cost $44.90 :) can't wait to wear them!
then we went to indooroopilly so i could print my photos as well as look for some new skinnys (really wanting a pair of dark blue ones). the photos turned out well (obviously, they were from my dslr ;)) but as for jeans.. there were none around. not even jayjays! jayjays seriously make the best skinnys (they actual sell size 11 (L)) but there were no 11's ><.. anyway, then i made mum drive me to jbhifi so i could see if they had the enolas secret ep and they didn't :( i couldn't remember the release date so it might not even be out yet haha, but i shall definately be checking back so i can get it soon!

so now i'm going to try learn some french medical terms and such.. it's silly, we got the new topic vocabulary last tuesday and we're expected to be able to have a 5 minute conversation with a partner tomorrow (tuesday) based on the topic!
then i'll try add some stuff to my business ia.. ughhhh
and finish my world lit1 and start my world lit2!!
then work on some art stuff..
and if there's time.. study! ><
~ahhh and i have to re-do my film oral so i should maybe work on that sometime too..

here's to a busy week, might see you at the end of it.


tshirt alterations at midnight. totally happy with it!!
just practiced on an old sum41 shirt to see how it would turn out; pretty sure i like it so much better now, it actually has shape ;D enjoy!
^ original shirt (well, ok so thats with the alteration, just thought i'd prove that it's sum41)
^ model shot ;) haha (omg why did i poke my bum out! ><)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

kat von d

so i've always had a girl-crush on kat von d, but i was watching the beginning of the LA INK marathon on the 'discovery travel & living' (foxtel) and realised how much of a style icon she is! watching her is making me want to go shopping..
infact, once i gather some more $$ up i plan on buying:
leopard print stuff (zebra print is getting too black&white.. i need some colour)
black converse low-tops
knee-high sports socks (white with a blue or red stripe around the top)
and i really want to some new heels..

at the op-shop yesterday i found this really sweet hard-cover copy of 'grimm's fairy tales' for $2, couldn't walk away without buying it! well, mum payed for it when she picked me up cause i forgot my wallet when i went there for my shift. anyway, so tonight (whilst watching LA INK) i started drawing in it, much to my sisters disappointment~ she said she would have payed me like $10 for it haha.

and here are a couple of kat von d pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


i'm thinking;
a.) food poisoning
b.) stress/pressure
c.) both

not good.. and i wish i was at battam's 18th!!

all the single ladiezz

my life is complete ahahaha
mhmm, joe jonas dancing to beyonce's 'single ladies'.. in a full body leotard and heels.

i totally have to show josi-ah this, he's been trying to learn this for the past few days to continue his ventures in serenading me haha. much love.

tweet tweet twitter

follow me on twitter!

thanks for the tag amy!

So Amy (love it.) tagged me to do this. It's a bit of fun and a good way to let readers out there know a little more than what you post in your rants! Basically, the 'rules' go like this; post the 4th picture in the 4th folder on your computer, then list 7 random facts about yourself.

Mkay so the forth folder on my computer is my school one and there's nothing too interesting in there so here's the forth picture on my desktop:

Pretty sure it's from Threadless? I'm in love with it!

About me..
1. i have 5 piercings (my ears are stretched to 6mm)
2. i'm a vegetarian (1 year as of 1st june)
3. i have more than one best friend
4. i study the international baccalaureate
5. i have difficulty trusting people
6. i love music, i want to study music business next year!
7. my neck goes red when im nervous, angry, tired or stressed (embarrassingggg!)

I'm tagging (do it if you can be bothered, it's kind of fun);
Doodles and dribbles
I still love your tits
Dear that guy

Friday, June 5, 2009


ughhhh denial is a fucking bitch.. i wish i could tell a certain someone something!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

here we are again

so i didn't go to school today.. i made it to roma st, got sick, went home. and i've spent the rest of the day watching the rest of season 2 of the hills and reached episode 12 of season 1 from gossip girl (yes i've seen all the episodes, but bree let me borrow her dvd so i'm doing a nice re-cap!).

pretty excited for toms 18th on saturday night..
although bree's bailed to go to kates 18th, and i invited elisha and nat and well, nat bailed straight away and although elisha got excited she now can't come! luckily there'll be a few people there that i know :3

171 days until school is over.
then hamilton island.
then adelaide.
then back to brisbane.
then music/entertainment business management!
who would have thought that'd be so excited to get back into study hah.

feeling uber screwed for my visual arts course at school.. the teacher seems to be putting so much pressure on all of the students in the class! she can hardly say anything when she's never there to keep us in the right direction and she barely gives precise feedback..

i feel like making new clothes, so sick of spending loads of $$ on things that i hardly wear.. and so if i just buy material and look through the 100's of patterns mum has i'm sure i can find something! really wanting to make a skirt or a dress.
speaking of dresses, now i really want to buy or make one for the post :D
i'm trying to convince elisha to wear a dress too rather than just jeans and a tshirt!

Monday, June 1, 2009


things are a little messed up at the moment.
i don't know where to go, who to talk to..
i just wish i wasn't around here.

i think my family has an issue with alcohol.

things are slowly beating me down and i don't know how much longer i'm going to have to put up with this. i don't know why i can't just have the guts to get up and leave for a few days or at least stick up for myself and say that 'yeh, i'm just going to get out of the house for a few nights'.

i miss jake so much. and i miss my friends.

i bought my formal dress on the weekend. i'm not going to post photos because i kind of want it to be a surprise.. but it's gunmetal grey and silver and it's very suitable.. not boobs or backs showing haha. just have to find some accessories and i'll be set.