Tuesday, June 9, 2009

as always

with exams and stuff we all seem to get so stressed!! it really sucks and i know that i always get distracted (like now haha), but something good came from this.. i realised that on myspace i have a bunch of hidden folders and there are some gold shots in there from like, year 10/2007. they're not in any particular order by the way:

^ with andrew in toowoomba :3 (his mum took this pic haha)

^ on our way to toowoomba (andrew, alex, mat, dave, me)

^ back in year 10! (our whole grade minus rach, james and mitch?)

^ lani, sophie and i with some foreign guys

^ screamworld for ambers birthday
^ pretty sure elisha bought extensions for nats christmas present?? w/braces hah

anyways, loved the revisit to 2007, yeh!? i know i have like 100s of other photos from back then but these were just easy-access on myspace. i actual half miss these days.

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james said...

missing rach and james D: