Tuesday, June 2, 2009

here we are again

so i didn't go to school today.. i made it to roma st, got sick, went home. and i've spent the rest of the day watching the rest of season 2 of the hills and reached episode 12 of season 1 from gossip girl (yes i've seen all the episodes, but bree let me borrow her dvd so i'm doing a nice re-cap!).

pretty excited for toms 18th on saturday night..
although bree's bailed to go to kates 18th, and i invited elisha and nat and well, nat bailed straight away and although elisha got excited she now can't come! luckily there'll be a few people there that i know :3

171 days until school is over.
then hamilton island.
then adelaide.
then back to brisbane.
then music/entertainment business management!
who would have thought that'd be so excited to get back into study hah.

feeling uber screwed for my visual arts course at school.. the teacher seems to be putting so much pressure on all of the students in the class! she can hardly say anything when she's never there to keep us in the right direction and she barely gives precise feedback..

i feel like making new clothes, so sick of spending loads of $$ on things that i hardly wear.. and so if i just buy material and look through the 100's of patterns mum has i'm sure i can find something! really wanting to make a skirt or a dress.
speaking of dresses, now i really want to buy or make one for the post :D
i'm trying to convince elisha to wear a dress too rather than just jeans and a tshirt!

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