Sunday, June 7, 2009

kat von d

so i've always had a girl-crush on kat von d, but i was watching the beginning of the LA INK marathon on the 'discovery travel & living' (foxtel) and realised how much of a style icon she is! watching her is making me want to go shopping..
infact, once i gather some more $$ up i plan on buying:
leopard print stuff (zebra print is getting too black&white.. i need some colour)
black converse low-tops
knee-high sports socks (white with a blue or red stripe around the top)
and i really want to some new heels..

at the op-shop yesterday i found this really sweet hard-cover copy of 'grimm's fairy tales' for $2, couldn't walk away without buying it! well, mum payed for it when she picked me up cause i forgot my wallet when i went there for my shift. anyway, so tonight (whilst watching LA INK) i started drawing in it, much to my sisters disappointment~ she said she would have payed me like $10 for it haha.

and here are a couple of kat von d pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

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