Tuesday, June 16, 2009


for math extended responseee... ahhhhhhhhh!! i *really* dont understand gradients and asymptotes btw, so nat and elisha i'll be like screaming at you two tomorrow just so you know ;3 anyways, my headache still hasn't gone.. so um, that's like 5.5 hours now, am i supposed to be worried? mum's not.. she just wants me to have a 'good nights sleep' and to hopefully be better for tomorrow blahblahblahh. ohhh but on the bright side, hive meeting tomorrow. shall be good, haven't been to the past two.

vampirates this saturday at the hive $$10
fete de le musique this sunday everywhereee (go to the piazza and the rainforest green though, best music shall be thurrrr!) $$$0.00 :3

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