Monday, June 8, 2009

talk to me, dance with me

sooo today instead of studying and doing various submissive items for school, i went shopping for four hours with mum. woooops haha.
we went to trade secret at oxley for the first time and i bought a condura handbag and a poncho! pretty happy with it, all up it cost $44.90 :) can't wait to wear them!
then we went to indooroopilly so i could print my photos as well as look for some new skinnys (really wanting a pair of dark blue ones). the photos turned out well (obviously, they were from my dslr ;)) but as for jeans.. there were none around. not even jayjays! jayjays seriously make the best skinnys (they actual sell size 11 (L)) but there were no 11's ><.. anyway, then i made mum drive me to jbhifi so i could see if they had the enolas secret ep and they didn't :( i couldn't remember the release date so it might not even be out yet haha, but i shall definately be checking back so i can get it soon!

so now i'm going to try learn some french medical terms and such.. it's silly, we got the new topic vocabulary last tuesday and we're expected to be able to have a 5 minute conversation with a partner tomorrow (tuesday) based on the topic!
then i'll try add some stuff to my business ia.. ughhhh
and finish my world lit1 and start my world lit2!!
then work on some art stuff..
and if there's time.. study! ><
~ahhh and i have to re-do my film oral so i should maybe work on that sometime too..

here's to a busy week, might see you at the end of it.

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