Saturday, June 6, 2009

thanks for the tag amy!

So Amy (love it.) tagged me to do this. It's a bit of fun and a good way to let readers out there know a little more than what you post in your rants! Basically, the 'rules' go like this; post the 4th picture in the 4th folder on your computer, then list 7 random facts about yourself.

Mkay so the forth folder on my computer is my school one and there's nothing too interesting in there so here's the forth picture on my desktop:

Pretty sure it's from Threadless? I'm in love with it!

About me..
1. i have 5 piercings (my ears are stretched to 6mm)
2. i'm a vegetarian (1 year as of 1st june)
3. i have more than one best friend
4. i study the international baccalaureate
5. i have difficulty trusting people
6. i love music, i want to study music business next year!
7. my neck goes red when im nervous, angry, tired or stressed (embarrassingggg!)

I'm tagging (do it if you can be bothered, it's kind of fun);
Doodles and dribbles
I still love your tits
Dear that guy

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