Saturday, July 25, 2009


Last night was my school formal :)

The day started off with me getting a manicure from some place at Indooroopilly shopping centre that was run by Asians, at 10:00am. Can't say that I was really impressed because they do it so quickly and don't speak much English so whilst mum was busy shopping I was just like sitting there getting worried that the lady was going to kill my nails at the pace she was filing them! Nevertheless my nails looked fair good hehe.

Then I went to the hairdressers! I ended up running late to get there though so instead of being there by 11am I was there half an hour later. At the hairdressers I had extensions put in! Then had my hair curled with a conical wand and it looked amazing, so Katy Perry ;) Stacey also did my makeup (I love being pampered omg) and she was gushing at how long my eyelashes are hehe. Anyway, Stacey and Zara made me look great, so impressed with them hehe.

After that, seeing as it was like 3:30pm (yes, I was in the hairdressers for 4 hours), mum drove me home to get into my dress and pack my bags for the after party. My aunty Georgie came over and took photos and so did mum and Victoria.

We left home at 4:15pm (with the pre starting at 5pm). We totally figured we'd have the time to make it to the school on time but unfortunately there was an accident on the Captain Cook Bridge or something and so travelling along Coronation Drive was the worst ever.. Lewis left work early to be at my school on time so I was really annoyed at dad haha, sorrrrrry. Nevertheless we got there around 5:40 and I almost didn't realise that the year 12 group hadn't gone into the foyer yet.. Luckily Bec was late too so we ran up the hill together and to level 3. It was pretty exciting hahaha and then we made our entrance to where the year level were through curtains. And were like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkheheyyyyyyyyyyy :D haha.

So we made a big entrance to where the non-school partners and parentals/family and teachers were standing and walked down the stairs (it was so hard in my 4"-ish heels!). We stood there for a while so that everyone could take millions of photos.. kind of felt bad for Lewis cause he was just like standing there cause he doesn't really know my parents.

^ parents :)

At around 6:10pm (I actually don't know what time it was, but it was something like that yeh) the limo arrived and so we had more photos as a group and then all climbed into the limo for our 20 minute-or-so ride to the St Lucia Golf Course (or Hillstone).

^Lewis and I :)


^Hot babezz

^Backseat kids

Ahh there's just so much to write haha. Let's just say dinner was lovely.

^The ladies

^Just a bit too attractive, yeh?

^Party tricks ;)

Lewis didn't come to the post. It got preeeeeeeeeeeetty messy haha. I some how remember most of it which is insane considering.. Anyway, my year 12 group shits on yours. The end :D

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