Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here we go,

So I really haven't posted much insight to my world as of late.
Updateeeeeeee.. hmm. Well, I've bought nearly all of my formal stuff. By saying nearly all, I mean that I've got everything except for the clutch.. and of course I haven't done my hair or makeup yet haha. Totally wanting to get something nice for the after party too. Ahhh I really am starting to love/hate it.
Love because I can't wait to see what everyone's wearing and to share the night with my friends for one last time before the hard times continue to drown us at the academy.
Hate because it's so hard to spend little money on trying to get the perfect outfit.. Like seriously the amount of money that goes into this for like 3 or 4 hours of your life is ridiculous. OMG but my shoes, well we were going to pay like $$$ for them because they were my favourite and looks sexy and everything (even some Canadian dude was like damn girl, they suit you! ;P) and so mum and I went to buy them and turns out they were half the price. Gahhh I reallllllly want to take photos of all of my stuff but it needs to be a surprise ;) 21 days though, you can handle it haha!!

So today whilst shopping I was in Mombasa and all of a sudden this guy started screaming at me. Anyways, turns out to be Declan haha. He was hugging Sally (his girlfriend) and when he saw me was like OMGGG HAYLEIGHH :) Was nice to catch up with them for like 5 minutes and it was a little awkward but still good.

I bought one of those hat things.. well they're not hats.. beret's?? No, I don't know. It's like a tea-cosy for your head. Mhmmm...
Peeecturee (no edit betchesss):
So you can't actually really see the tea-cosy-hat-thing but it's peeping through at the top right!

Not sure what to do tomorrow. Lewis goes on tour tomorrow and Brent is getting more ink done! I'm thinking city or Chermside for bag shopping. Or if someone wants to see a movie, you'll know my number, so text me. I'm still wanting to see 'I Love You Man' and 'The Hangover', or perhaps 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'.. mhmm, hit me up if you want to see any of them! Ohh not sure if I've mentioned (I don't think I have??) that I saw 'Year 1' with mum and Tanya the other night (Sunday?) and then the day after mum and I went and saw 'The Proposal'.
Ohh and speaking of moviesss, I rented out 'Elephant' again, watched it when I got home from shopping today :) Oh and I also rented out 'Pretty in Pink', fair looking forward to watching it!

Goodnight all.

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