Sunday, July 12, 2009

kill your girlfriend

we could be together ;)

So today was Short Stack's turn to play Brisbane on their east-coast Sway Sway tour. I've had a really good weekend, so thanks to those that played a part in it.. predominately Bree, Angell, Lewis and the Short Stack crew.

Angell and I took these photos:

^ crowd show

^ Andy and Bradie

^ Andy and Shaun

^ Beach ballz

^ Jamming ;)

^ Awesome crowd/light/smoke/diviney.

^ Beach ballz again

^ Another crowd shot + Diviney

^ The aftermath..
See the black ball thing? That's someone's hair extensions ahaha.

Chris took these whilst we were backstage haha. Good times!

^ Jumpnow, Bree, Bradie, me, Andy and Angell
Shaun Diviney was upstairs really sick :( Hope he gets well soon!

^ Looks like Bradie's doing a jig

^ Getting up to no good

^ Andy
Ughhh, I have such a Demi Lovato smile when I'm happy & smiling..

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John said...

Wow those are fantastic pictures!
Thanks for posting. Do you mind if I put them in my myspace album?
I'll give credit to whoever you like.
I'm Andy's dad by the way.

Hayleigh said...

Hey there, glad you like my photos :)
Feel free to put them on your myspace, it would be awesome if you could credit me.
Link me back to your page or feel free to add me (my link is on this blog on the right, I'm pretty sure!)
x Hayleigh

PS: Awesome that you found my blog!

John said...

Thanks for that Hayleigh. I've sent you a friend request, and made a separate album for your pics. It's titled "Endlessly, She Said. A blog by Hayleigh", and I've put your link in the title of each pic. You can tag them if you want.
I'm John Clemmensen, AKA 'apestackman' on myspace:

Here's the link to the album: