Friday, July 10, 2009

where were we..

i haven't really spoken about my week that much, so here goes a bit of a re-cap.
tuesday i went out with lani for a photoshoot, with her being the photographer! i also took some photographs but she wanted me to do some model shots for her :) it was quite fun, but i wore the worst shoes for it! we met in the city and went around some shops and had lunch. then we went to sandgate and caught a bus to the start of the bridge that goes across to redcliffe. we spent a couple of hours then walking about halfway in the water/sand where we got some lovely photographs! it was great to catch up with my bestie, i hadn't seen her since my glamourkills birthday party in november!! here are my favourite photographs from my camera, i haven't gotten the ones from her camera yet..
on wednesday i met up with nat and elisha at garden city. we didn't really get up to much there, browsed a few stores, then left to go to nat's place. we ate vegetarian pizza and took a few hours to decide what to wear in the city at night. after finally deciding and looking hot, we went to the city via bus. we ate at pancake manor and flirted with the waitor for some evening fun haha. we then walked around for a bit, trying to avoid the rain as much as possible! when we'd decided that was pretty much it for the evening in the city we noticed a lady holding a tray outside yogen fruz.. we got free yogen fruz! haha :) so rather than sit on the wet seats around that area of the city we sat downstairs at hungry jacks. reminded me of the old days ahaha. anyway, was flirting with some guy from across the room haha. he kept checking us girls out and i kept looking back because i thought he was pretty fit! he looked a bit like nicholas braun (goooooogle him) and had a clandestine industries tattoo just like pete wentz and his friend was wearing purple skinnys - if you know who he is, please pass on his myspace/phone number (L). anyway, once they left i was like ok girls, i'm going to get his numberrr, let's go! so we went up the stairs like 20 seconds after them and we couldn't find them!! they'd disappeared :( we walked to the bars along queen st to see if they were there haha but weren't so we decided to leave and go back to nats. once we got back it was only like 8:30pm and so we ordered some cheese pizza and garlic bread but didn't manage to eat it all. i was heaps tired (and trying to google this boy from hj's) so i was pretty much sleeping on nat's bed while elisha tried to talk to us and nat msn'd her boyf.. sorryyy elisha, you know i love you ;) so elisha eventually joined me on the bed and we eventually were woken up by nat because she was going to take a picture of us sleeping on my phone but my sixth sense was like OMG SOMEONES TOUCHING MY PHONE ahhaha so i like got up and was like nooo. nat ended up getting her bed and elisha and i slept on the floor. i woke up at around 3:20 to try watch michael jacksons memorial live on ch7 but i couldnt figure out how to work the sound on nats tv so i didnt get to watch it.. we all had to get up at 730ish in the morning so nat could meet josh early. got ready, ate peanut butter on toast and left. it took me 2 hours to get home. i am really not a fan of public transport.. at least i had elisha there, even though i was on twitter chatting to lewis and darryl haha. we ate more breakfast at roma st (hotcakesss + hashbrown). i haven't uploaded the pictures yet, so expect these soon!

after i got home mum had told me that she didn't watch the memorial either because she wanted me there because we'd both been crying over michael jackson for the past week and a bit. so we watched the re-run mid afternoon and did our fair share of crying. especially at paris (michael's daughter) speaking.
"Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say that I love him so much."
thursday i slept in til 12:30 in the afternoon and proceded to make pancakes. i really can not flip them! but the recipe i used was amazing nevertheless. in the afternoon i made my sister come for a walk with me to trade secret and the chemist. on the way we posted the remains of my short stack flyers around the oxley area and also dropped some off at wow sight&sound. couldn't really find anything too amazing at trade secret and mum picked victoria and i up around 5:15. once we got home i ate some dinner (pasta bake, omgg - i haven't had this for 6 weeks or more and mum knew i wanted it so she took it to my auntys and baked it! our oven's been broken for almost 2 months now..) then got ready to go shopping and see bruno with bree :D didn't buy anything during shopping but saw huong (who gave us free peanut brittle & chocolate from her work - darrell lea), we bought candy and green apple snow tea and were followed by some semi-good looking boys on our way down from level 3 to 1 on the esculators but they didnt get to us as bree and i were like uhhh, let's gooooo haha.
so bruno.. it was fairly entertaining haha. interesting. and it was so funny to see everyones reactions and it was good to know that everyone in the cinema was laughing!! after the movie we went to maccas where bree kindly chowed down a double beef & bacon burger whilst i had my quarter pounder without meat.

today i'm planning on buying material from spotlight to make a new skirt for sunday (sway sway brisbane, got to be a cute merch girl yehhh! haha), walk somewhere, go to the gym and clean my room. looking forward to a good weekend!!

also, to keep updated with me, on the side bar i have added a twitter update widget.

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