Wednesday, August 19, 2009

help me decide! costume!

i can't decide which outfit to make for bree's 18th! katy perry, of course ;)


Anonymous said...

This one

or this one

orrrrr you could go as zooey deschanel, given her and katy perry are like, identical ;)

Hayleigh said...

too many optionsssssss haha!

Anonymous said...

this one then?

bonus points/awesomeness if you take bubble stuff as well (and let me use it) haha

Hayleigh said...

hmm, that one is good.. but it's not quite something that if i wore it someone would be like OMG YOURE LIKE TOTEZZ KATY PERRY haha. where as the others are typical her :P

theme is pop culture/idols ;)

Anonymous said...

yahh, i know the theme, I am going as well :P


something from the waking up in vegas clip perhaps?

Hayleigh said...

ahaha no duh.

pretty sure i'm going to decide on one the three from the picture i posted..