Thursday, August 20, 2009

Only We Can Save Us

So as some of you may have already known, this past weekend I spent some time with the lovely Enolas Secret boys from Adelaide. Friday evening after the Short Stack Myspace Secret Show at the GC Arts Centre I met up with Brenden for a 40 minute chat in Surfers before the ES show at the Hard Rock. Unfortunately I couldn't stay because of Bree's driving curfew.. Thankfully they were playing at the Hive on the Saturday!

Considering they're not an acoustic band, obviously an acoustic performance wasn't going to be the best that they'd have haha so they mildly apologized to the crowd. Apparently they didn't realise until they actually got to the Hive that it's not only an acoustic venue anymore haha. Nevertheless, Jess got this picture of Brenden :)

The picture below is the image I posted to twitter via Twitpic. Really not good quality but if you have hiptop slide you'll know exactly why. But that's Jack, Matt and Brenden :) The pic cut out Mark on the keys (to the left of Jack).
I don't think words could explain how amazing these kids are when performing an actual live set. Next time they're in your town you must see them!

Go get their EP "Only We Can Save Us" from JB Hi:Fi now, it's brilliant.

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