Sunday, September 13, 2009

moving out

I can't wait. Sydney, here I come..
I was going to stay in Brisbane for a couple of more years but I want to be closer to DJ and the university that I want to go to is also in Sydney (it's in Bris, Melb and Syd just in case you were wondering). So mum said pretty much "sure thing" at lunch today and then when I told her just before that DJ would be keen to rent with me then dad was like WHAT DONT BE SILLY.
Ok just because they're 19 year old daughter hasn't moved out yet doesn't mean I can't. He was saying shit like WE'RE NOT PAYING FOR IT blah blah blah.. Honestly, it's like uhhh no shit, didn't figure that one out did I. Cunt.

So that's just driven me to want to move out ASAP. Like as soon as I get my P's and my car and once the new year starts I'll be down in Sydney figuring out what the heck am I going to do with my life!