Monday, October 5, 2009

back to that place

the last two days of my (last ever) september/october holidays were spent at school finishing up the final touches for my art gallery space. that was my whole weekend! i really think/recommend people come to the show because it took a lot of time and effort for all the artists to get it looking as great as it does :)

it's this wednesday 7th october at 6:30pm
the location is q a c i - in the art gallery space.

seven weeks of school left.
1st week = getting back, plans, exhibition + film showing
2nd + 3rd = revision
4th = swot vac (they do that in uni!!)
5th, 6th, 7th = block exams

plus, on the 5th week it's my birthday. i've decided not to have a halloween party anymore as there's too many small groups of people i'd invite who wouldn't really know anyone, plus people don't party without alcohol and that's not really going to be happening if it's at my house! so instead (on the friday i think) mum's going to take me to gold class so we can see the michael jackson 'this is it' movie.

well, i'm going to get ready for school! so tired -_-

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