Sunday, October 11, 2009

coast times

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i swear, the world changed in the past 24 hours.. i want to tell you everything but i know how long-winded my posts can get. wow. and in some ways i want to keep some of it in because i don't know what's going to happen next. ahhh!

yesterday (saturday) i drove my family (mum, dad and vicky) to the coast- coolangatta to be exact. i drove alllll the way to nsw :P so anyway, made it there safely. was nice to see my adelaide family (remember i stayed with them when i was down there in january?) anyways spent the afternoon with my little cousins watching 'the dark knight' and just chilling out.

^ had a boredd camwhore moment when i got there haha

then we had dinnerrr- everyone else had a bbq, i cooked some vege wienerss, omnom!

made me feel pretty ill watching everyone chomping down on meat, it smelt soooo bad!! anyway, so the 'children' of the family went upstairs to eat and we were hanging out upstairs until it started raining -_- we were going to have a spa out on the balcony and everything but yeh plans got ruined haha.

^ sunset was amazing from there!

so we went and sat down in the lounge and watched iCarly (it's zac's fave apparently haha) so once the parentals finished with their dinner they kinda wanted to kick us out for a bit so they gave us $50 to go get ourselves icecream from cold rock/gelatissimo. goshh i love coolangatta, so pretty. we went for a walk considering the rain had stopped and so brad and i got gelatissimo (i got coffee flavour as usual, favourite!!) and the others had cold rock. went back and was sooo tired.. i really wanted to sleep but vicky was in the bedroom on the phone to her gf and so i felt that it would be best to take care of the boys. hiptop internet hasn't been working so i was like OMGG NO TWITTER D: D: haha but i was on msn to a few people so it wasn't too hard to just chill. we watched a mix of 'starsky and hutch', 'run fatboy run' and 'speed' because that was what the hotel had on their channels.. i love 'speed'!! haven't seen that movie in yearssss i swear!

umm eventually went to bed i guess but because i had to share a bedroom with my sister (two single beds) and seeing as she snores terribly - especially considering she had a few beers - i was pretty bummed so i spent the night texting a few people.. not going to name names cause that's silly ;) haha. but wow ok i may have been texting a certain someone who may have been the reason for some of my posts lately.. dammit, he's driving me crazy.

so i didn't end up sleeping until about 4am.. no i wasn't on the phone at that hour, just because i couldn't sleep. woke up again around 7am. then again at 10:30am. chilled by the pool and spa with the dads and the 'children' and then we went and had lunch at subway and then it was time to go! i drove home for a while but it was raining like crazy and i was falling asleep and mum was like umm maybe you should stop and i went on for another 10 minutes and was like fuck yeh ok i need sleep haha. it took so long to get home though! like instead of going 110km/hr on the motorway it was more like 60 - 80 just because there was lots of water splashing around from everyones tires.

i didn't manage to fall asleep and my hiptop's service was totally out so i kinda gave up in the end and just chilled on the passenger seat haha.

- ehh so this post was maybe a bit pointless, at least i'll remember what went down! -
the pics on here were just ones i posted on twitter from my hiptop haha, nothing too special.. when i upload the ones from my actual camera i'll put them up here.

so what's changed??????? i'm kinda maybe smiling a bit more. maybe there is some hope :)

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